is fidelity in a relationship possible

Fidelity!!! This is the big argument that I have had so far with someone. Is it possible at all?

Being faithful is hard only when you are not grown up. Many people have failed to get relationship stability for only one major reason. They can’t get their eyes fixed to one person. It is so true; when you get out there, there are so many beautiful and handsome people. And for your information, the world will never get exhausted of them. Each day brings on new breeds. Human evolution seems to work in way that latter generation breeds new beauties than the previous. Beauty seems to be getting to perfection each day.

Look at it more like Mercedes group, each year they try to get the best of their effort that they make a car much better than the previous; their effort aims and surprising you with what might not have crossed your mind. The same is for beauties, the more you move is the more you will find more and more of them. The latter the generation, the greater it brings.

To my understanding, fidelity is never an issue of feelings or beauty. This is because if you are driven by them, you are way too far from resting your heart. There is just much more out there than your feelings can go. This true faithfulness is only a matter of decision. You make a decision to grow; a decision to surrender all your desires and feelings to someone. Not because they are the best of the world, but rather because they are the right option to take.

There is nothing much harder like finding a true partner, someone that can decide to stay with you regardless of your personality. Very few people are blessed to have those that can keep the promise to love you no matter what! If you have one, know that such chances only come once. Make a decision to dedicate your feelings and commitment to them. Keep them at heart and never allow losing them. They are the gold and diamonds that do exist in the midst of many stones. Their hearts is the gold that keeps many craving each day.

The fact that car manufacturers do release new models each year doesn’t mean you will drive a new car each year. You sometimes get to stick with one regardless of its challenging condition. You dedicate your passion and love to it regardless of the new models released each day.

Be faithful to your partner regardless of what you see out there. Make a decision to settle and that relationship will be a blessing to you.

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