hard work brings talent where talent fails
Talent is defined as an attitude or skill that is not learned; something natural and needs less effort to acquire. Some people have a desire to attain certain attitude or skills; but does it mean that since they are not talented it could mean a dead end? To many it could sound so, yet in reality such a belief is an obvious illusion. Talent sometimes is a dividend of hard work. If you don’t have it, it may require you to cultivate that desire with hard work.

A research conducted a few years ago regarding success in business proved that it doesn’t only need anyone to have a business background to be able to succeed. The research showed that most prosperous people in business are those that have learned business skills and have put them to practice regardless of their history.
Talent combined with practice performs wonders but it doesn’t mean that when you don’t have a talent but a desire you will fail. One important thing that you need to know is that desire is the driving force behind success; without it ones talent might go to waste. Look at a talented athlete who has less time for training. How far can he push his career at the expense of those that train each day!

It is also well said that practice makes perfect; when you put effort to something, with time it turns loyal to your commands. Practice is what softens the hard cores of what you are doing. If you love running, it is only running that can soften your joints that you become flexible enough to run. Sitting back and wishing can never change things or create things.
What is it that you have ever desired in life but think you hardly have what it takes? How often have you tried to do it? How much have you cultivated that desire with effort? When talent is out of your league, hard work can bring it your way. Hard work with faith and strategy never fails.

Did you ever know that successful people work and practice harder than any loser you have ever found? Did you know that the best student spends most of his time in books and research than the last in class? The highly successful people in the world hardly have time for each wind that blows their way; their minds and eyes sieve and only get blown by those that add value to them.

Hard work on the other hand has never meant breaking yourself with things that are not working out or repeating them each day while well knowing that they can hardly bear any fruit. It rather means doing something that can bear expected results; things that are relevant to the skills you are seeking to attain. If you would love to become a successful boxer, there is no need of you to spend time doing what is expected of a hunter in the making.

Hard work is sometimes intensive and not extensive. If it is so, it is highly important that you stick to what is relevant and avoid things that are non-beneficial no matter how much you would wish people to see u showing how hard you’re working.

Hard work brings talent where talent fails.

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