remodel your beauty with leisure locks
Many women look at long hair as the only way to look blond. They forget that there are just thousands of ways you can play around with your short hair to create elegance and look wow to everyone. One of the secrets to achieve this is to try leisure locks. Don’t get worried, below is a step by step guide on how to achieve the look.
i.                     Always clean your damp hair. The best way is to apply a curl enhancer 
ii.                   It is always advisable that you let the hair dry naturally, else ensure that you dry it using your fingers. Make sure they are on a low setting
iii.                  For the best look ensure that the hair is fully dry. When it is enhance the waves with a medium-sized iron
iv.                 It is so much recommended that you apply wax for a great definition and shine. Ensure that the wax is lightweight.
Products that are handy for the best Leisure Locks
There are products that you should consider using so as to make the leisure locks stand out and stun every one and among these;-
Paul Mitchell’s Round Trip –well known for enhancing curls and waves; it is just the right lightweight that you should consider applying. 
Paul Mitchell’s Spray Wax –this spray will help with enabling your hair get the hold, shine and texture that is just right. In addition, it will help with strand separation.

The advantage with this style is that it can apply on almost all shapes as long as they have a fine to medium hair texture.
Always ensure that you have the product on your fingers or already applied to your hair when you are touching it. For as you touch your hair without a thing in it, the more likely it is to become frizzy.

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